The Activity club

my best friend Aadhav and I created a club in our school called the activity club. And we were the captains. We joint Avani as the vice captain. Innila and anusha as junior offers and akarsh and rishab as associate. We decided to have activities in our club. So we got drawing supplies from our house and announced about our club. All the people came rushing ( only five because only that much space was there) to our club. So the had to wait in line according to our rule that only five at a time. And we also decided to have storytelling. The day of the story when we announced it, most of our school was in our club. We felt really happy. At home, as I checked the school what’sapp I saw that prerana, our class teacher, had sent pictures of the club saying it was a roaring success. I told Aadhav the news. He said” yes, prerna’s birthday is tomorrow and if we make her happy, she’ll send it again. On prerna’s birthday we wished her and started decorating the club for a celebration. But suddenly avani got Moody for some reason and quit the club. Innila quit too. Anusha hadn’t come. That time we hadn’t joint rishab or akarsh so only me and Aadhav were in the club. The celebration was canceled and we announced that there was addmisson. Rishab and akarsh joint. Then in the  van, avani and innila said I want to join back and decided to have a Library. So I’m very proud of our club…


Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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