here’s my story for the Sunday scrawl promt challenge..
I opened my eyes and yanwed. I suddenly was feeling cold. I wrapped the blanket more tightly around me. I wondered why there was was no sun and looked at the window. I was shocked !! The window was white. I forgot I was cold and ran to open my window. I saw a white world. But it had never snowed here. I changed my clothes to blue thick leggings and a full sleeved pink woollen shirt. I also wrapped a scarf around me and went out of my room. Suddenly I realized that nobody was here but there was toast with strawberry jam on the table. I was surprised to find that I was hungry. It’s all a dream, I told myself, and you’ll be out of it soon. So I sat down and had the food and decided to go outside. After all, I was in a dream and I might as well enjoy it. I went out and walked along the white path. I turned back to see how far I had gone but all I saw was a path of white. Wait, I also saw a figure walking. It was my dream and was supposedto be alone. I pinched myself to get out of the dream. It hurt. Oh gosh, I should try to save myself, I thought and started running. I turned back and saw the figure  was also running. I ran as fast as I could till I got a pain but I couldn’t stop. I ran till I tripped on a stone and went crashing to a tree. I tried to get up but my head was spinning. I saw the figure had something in his hand. I had to run. I got up and started to run again. But my vision became blurry and I couldn’t see where I was going. I couldn’t run anymore and I collasped. The figure was coming nearer and nearer. As I closed my eyes, I thought, its all a dream…


Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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