this is the storyof how i died. Before I had lived in dreamland. We had vehicles for children which we could sit on and fly. We had a peaceful life there with our fairy queen. One day, some beasts turned up and challenged us for a war. So we had to accept. It was next week. The queen was really tense . A lot of soldiers were practicing under the queen’s command. When it was the day of the war, all us children sat in our vehicles and saw the from quite far away. The war began. There was a lot of blood everywhere and soliders dying. The queen herself had small injuries but fought bravely. More beasts were there and less of soliders. We would have to give up and let them take over. If only someone managed to kill the leader beast then we would win. Then I saw something. The leader, from far away,  from the behind of the queen, was coming slowly  towards her. I knew what was going to happen. I didn’t waste time. I flew into my house, grabbed a knife and even though we are not supposed to go to the war, I did. Nobody noticed me. I flew to the back of him and thrust the knife into his neck. He howled and grabbed the knife but i held on to it so i slipped from my vehicle. The beast collapsed to the ground. Everyone stared at me. Then I felt a sharp pain in my neck. I turned  to look. A beast  had pierced my neck and he was smiling. I couldn’t stand up any more. I collapsed. Just as i was about to close my eyes, the queen held my hands and whispered with tears in her eyes “we win”. I slowly closed my eyes, with happiness in my heart…..


Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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