Best Friends…

She and I are best friends,                                                         for we did everything together.
We chatted, we sang,                   .                                              helped, we played   

We skipped, we jumped,                                                            we rolled and had fun.

We went to the same school but lived little far,

We tried meeting but our parents gave us beatings.

So we called each other and chatted for hours.                    But that didn’t do, we could ask but who?

We were like cousins, we were like sisters,                            but as a friend, I wish it didn’t end.

I wish I could hope, for I am going to a different school.    but I can’t hope at all because……..

I had to say goodbye to my dear and best friend, who met me since 2nd grade, was my enemy through second grade, my best friend through third grade for so long I couldn’t just leave her alone.

I felt guilty, I felt miserable, I felt bad, I felt sad.

I felt like running, I felt like crying, I felt like being dragged.

I said one last goodbye to my best friend and ran back with tears streaming down my end.

But I still hope that one day we will meet and…..

We’ll chat, we’ll sing, we’ll help, we’ll play,

We’ll skip, we’ll jump, we’ll roll and have fun.

I still hope, hope,                                                                         I still hope, hope,                                                                         I still hope that …..

One day we will meet.


Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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