A true story… My best friend

In my old school, I and a girl called Harshitha were best Friends. We would hang out every evening till our parents came to pick us up.. One day in the last period, “Keerthana, the girl we avoided a lot told bad things about me to Harshitha. So Harshitha told me angrily “I am not going to talk to you” and walked of with Keerthana to the playground. I spent days in school without her. On the last period of the fourth day, she called me. Full of curiosity, I went to her and asked” what?” . She said “I’m sorry I got angry at you for writing my name. We will be best friends again” “I missed you so much” I said. ” even I missed you so much” she said. And we walked to the playground happily, hand in hand.  
                              THE END


Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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