A story….

once upon a time there was a girl watching television. Suddenly the screen became blank. She looked up but the Fan was still going on. She got up and tapped the television twice. Suddenly she felt a force pulling her inside . She held on to the carpet but the force was so strong it even pulled the carpet inside. She expected to fall down but the carpet was flying somewhere. First it went to Chota Bheem. They were having a picnic. She got mad as she hated chota bheem. She forgot where she was, jumped down, snachted the ladoods he had, gave him a good kick, jumped up  to the mat and flew away to oggy and the cockroaches. She took a doughnut as they flew to doraemon , her favorite channel. She was about to ask for something when she heard someone shouting.”WAKE UP, YOU SLEEPYHEAD!!!” she was so startled that she jumped up and looked around. It was her mom. ” the television is blaring ” her mom said. ” but where is Doraemon ?” she asked.  “silly girl you have been dreaming”. 



Author: Star Spatika

I love to read and the colour pink...

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