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Holidays …

I hate holidays and I love school. I am usually bored in the holidays, waiting for school to reopen. I really hate the summer holidays. No school for two months!! Now we have a ten day winter breaak!  many friends of my school have gone somewhere i don’t know. i wish school would reopen….

Last minute stuff…

I am an organiser. The third of jan was our first day in the third term of school . so I was walking with my best friend and an idea suddenly popped into my head. So I and him started organising everything for the singing contest on ninth. And at the last minute we remembered we had no seating arrangements so we plucked some last minute ideas and made the seats. 

The Activity club

my best friend Aadhav and I created a club in our school called the activity club. And we were the captains. We joint Avani as the vice captain. Innila and anusha as junior offers and akarsh and rishab as associate. We decided to have activities in our club. So we got drawing supplies from our house and announced about our club. All the people came rushing ( only five because only that much space was there) to our club. So the had to wait in line according to our rule that only five at a time. And we also decided to have storytelling. The day of the story when we announced it, most of our school was in our club. We felt really happy. At home, as I checked the school what’sapp I saw that prerana, our class teacher, had sent pictures of the club saying it was a roaring success. I told Aadhav the news. He said” yes, prerna’s birthday is tomorrow and if we make her happy, she’ll send it again. On prerna’s birthday we wished her and started decorating the club for a celebration. But suddenly avani got Moody for some reason and quit the club. Innila quit too. Anusha hadn’t come. That time we hadn’t joint rishab or akarsh so only me and Aadhav were in the club. The celebration was canceled and we announced that there was addmisson. Rishab and akarsh joint. Then in the  van, avani and innila said I want to join back and decided to have a Library. So I’m very proud of our club…

a poem

Just be cool,cool,cool but don’t be a fool,fool,fool.

Let’s go party,party,party and if you are a Smarty,Smarty Smarty then don’t forget a meal which is hearty,hearty,hearty.

If you wear a party dress, dress, dress then your Jewellery should not be less, less, less.

here’s my story for the Sunday scrawl promt challenge..
I opened my eyes and yanwed. I suddenly was feeling cold. I wrapped the blanket more tightly around me. I wondered why there was was no sun and looked at the window. I was shocked !! The window was white. I forgot I was cold and ran to open my window. I saw a white world. But it had never snowed here. I changed my clothes to blue thick leggings and a full sleeved pink woollen shirt. I also wrapped a scarf around me and went out of my room. Suddenly I realized that nobody was here but there was toast with strawberry jam on the table. I was surprised to find that I was hungry. It’s all a dream, I told myself, and you’ll be out of it soon. So I sat down and had the food and decided to go outside. After all, I was in a dream and I might as well enjoy it. I went out and walked along the white path. I turned back to see how far I had gone but all I saw was a path of white. Wait, I also saw a figure walking. It was my dream and was supposedto be alone. I pinched myself to get out of the dream. It hurt. Oh gosh, I should try to save myself, I thought and started running. I turned back and saw the figure  was also running. I ran as fast as I could till I got a pain but I couldn’t stop. I ran till I tripped on a stone and went crashing to a tree. I tried to get up but my head was spinning. I saw the figure had something in his hand. I had to run. I got up and started to run again. But my vision became blurry and I couldn’t see where I was going. I couldn’t run anymore and I collasped. The figure was coming nearer and nearer. As I closed my eyes, I thought, its all a dream…